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Your Sock Personality Type

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Did you know that many things in life socks are like a mirror of your personality type. Much like the lion, bear, turtle, dove etc, in this post we dive into what your funky mens socks say about you and your personality.

You already know that funky socks are an essential fashion accessory but do you know what your socks say about you? Our range of cool dress socks can speak works unspoken to your friends and family, telling the world the type of guy you truly are!!

Crazy Sock and Fun Patterns

Wheres wally or golden crown socks. Your a guy with a sense of adventure, your fun, creative and love a good laugh. You talk a lot and have a rebellious streak that you won't let nobody crush! Crazy creative patterns show that you are approachable and have a sense of humour the sort of guy people want to be around.

Bold Colour Diamond Pattern Socks

Happy to be bold but not keen on the sticking your neck out to far for fear of someone knocking your block off! You are the fun boss, the guy that likes good laugh but keeps life serious. With our range of colour faded diamond socks, you will be spoilt for choice.

Striped Socks

You are the straight up type of guy and crave formal structure. You prefer a more subtle, chilled out revolution against conformity and believe killer style will lead the way. The arsenal of striped socks in your drawer is stealthy building your brand as a creative and gutsy mover and shaker that is totally expected to break and bend the rules.

Argyle Socks

You are either a professor or or a pastor and because you're still wearing tweeds you need the argyle patterned socks to blend in with the brown moccasins.

Spots & Dotted Socks

Slightly loopy and live a free happy go lucky life. You're not straight up and thrive on dishonesty, disorganization and general chaos. Spotted socks are bold and friendly but carry a dark mystical side.

White Sock

You’re boring and your mother is still doing your shopping. White sock means no sparkle and pop in your personality.   

So how did your personality sock size up? Remember that no matter what your socks say about your personality you are still the good guy you always were.

So get out there be bold and live life with a funky pair of socks!

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