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Monthly Men's Sock Subscriptions

Men's Sock Subscriptions

Men are often hard things to buy for! and what better way to make a man happy than to buy him a funky pair of men's business socks. You ask any man about cheap and nasty sock or worse socks with holes in them, they all sing the same song when it comes to socks, no man big of small likes holey socks!

Sign up to one of our sock subscriptions below and we will send a range of warm and comfortable men's cool socks to the person of your choice. 

Note, pictures of the socks shown below are for display only and will not be the actual sock designs we choose to send.

Why A Sock Subscription? 

Every man loves a good pair of warm and funky socks. A man likes a sense of independence and what better way is there to display your personal style than a pair of cool men's socks.  

Funky socks are loved all men all over the world and are a great and easy gift idea that all men love. Every man loves a pair for funky men's business socks or showing off his crazy men's socks at the office. 

Funky men's socks provide enjoyment and fun for both the wearer and the viewers!! and you can be sure to impress your VIP client, father, brother or son with a pair of these cool and stylish men's socks.  

Who Chooses the Socks?  

Just like the surprise when opening birthday gifts, having a new pair of funky men's socks arrive at your door every month is all part of the fun! 

We will select a fresh new design from our men's business socks and dress socks ranges and ship the socks out to you or your lucky chosen recipient.