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Sock Sizes

Sock Size Buying Guide:

Use the diagram below to determine our men's dress sock size and length, note our sizes are in US shoe sizing.

If you have any questions in relation to our sock sizes or our men's dress socks designs, please be free to reach out to us by visiting our contact us page.

Mens dress sock length:

This is how high the men's dress sock come up your leg we have two options to choose from.

Crew - crew length is the most popular dress socks men buy, they come mid calf and are long enough to hide the peaky leg that often shows when men's dress socks are too short for the trouser length.

Mini Crew - not so popular as the crew length the mini crew men's dress sock is slightly shorter than a crew length but will be at least 3-4 inches above the ankle.


Dress socks men sizes:

Our men's dress socks sizes are all in US shoe sizing and range from sizes 6-10 US, 11-13 US and 13-15 US.

Sizes of socks can vary and its important to understand that men's dress socks will expand and contract to your foot size. i.e you might wear a size 12 shoe but love a size 6-10 sock design. Our advice is to purchase the 6-10 size as your more than likely going to fit the men's dress sock.